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Imen Navar Tehran Company as a producer of different adhesives and industrial covers aims to attract consumers’ satisfaction by improving its performance and quality management system efficacy, general and environmental quality system and professional safety and health based on international standards and this company plans its quality management system (IMS) based on requirements of integrated management system namely. ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004, OHSAS 18001: 2010 and customers’ requirements and needs which are as follows:

1- Attracting customers’ satisfaction through understanding and providing requirements relating to the product and qualitative and quantitative needs including on time delivery of product.

2- Promoting high quality work culture and improving the level of knowledge and skill of human forces as the most valuable capital of company through education and creating a safe and suitable working environment.
3- Group activity for saving the resources, continual improvement, reducing wastage to reach null waste and increasing the efficacy of quality management system.
4- Adjusting management and production methods of company in order to increase the quality of products and company’s productivity.
The responsibility of quality management system is borne by managing director and the agent of management is responsible to insure about development, execution and maintenance of continual efficacy of system and reporting to managing director. Our committed and skillful employees support us in achieving company’s goals and we respect the ideas of our employees and involve them in decision making process.
The requirements specified in this procedure should be studied by employees and they are compulsory to be executed in all levels of company. At the end of each year, based on the ideas and viewpoints of other personnel, I approve quality related procedure and goals of future year and revise it’s achievement possibility at management revision meeting.

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Factory: +98 (21)  76262690 - 76262810

Amir Shirijian Engineer(Manager): 09123048962

Ahmad Torkaman Engineer(Chairman of the Board):09121573228-09191030320

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Address: No 287,West Sanat St,Kamard zone,Jajroud road,Iran,Tehran


About us

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